Begin by following the instructions provided by TTN here to register your device, including personalising the device for ABP:
Take note of the assigned Device Address, Network Session Key and App Session key, we’ll need those for the next phase. 

ABP, Device Address, Network Session Key, App Session Key

These three keys are used in the devices configuration so it can talk to TTN and AlphaX

  1. Ensure the device is powered up and located close to your computer with WiFi connectivity.

  2. Connect to the WiFi network AlphaX-MHM4-xxxx.The x’s indicate the last 4 digits of the device’s serial number. The password will be the Device’s full serial number in lower case. This serial number is located on the label of the device and it's product packaging.

  3. Open a Web Browser and navigate to You will be directed to the ABP configuration page for your device.  

  4. Enter the Device Address, Network Session Key and App Session Key into the form without spaces and select SUBMIT.

  5. The device will then reboot with the given settings and be connected to the TTN network to send data through to AlphaX.

If you have not registered your Device with AlphaX yet, be sure to do that with the instructions here:

Repeat this for every device you intend to connect to TTN.