Dashboard Front Page Options

After registering user will see the screen depicting about name, network ID, network type and last seen of device as shown in the picture below (fig.5) 

User can click on view device button (“view device” option in fig 5) to see the dashboard and user will have options available inside the window as shown in below screenshot (Fig 6). These options are again explained further in next pages. 

Configure Sensor: This button helps the user to check the dashboard and user can configure sensor according to his convenience. When user click on the configure sensor, a form window will pop out with options to fill Configure channel, Sensor location description and Sensor type as shown in the below image (Fig 7). After filling the form user can press assign button to complete the form.  

Sensor tab: Completing form will take user to sensor tab. This will have all the old and added channel and again user can view those channels and delete channels with the help of button given on the right-hand side of the channel name. user again will have the option of exporting, printing and configuring sensors.

Data stream tab: This tab will open all the raw data in columns such as Timestamp, Channel, Value and Raw Packet. User can choose to export the data in any format which they want as provided in another tab. 

Device tab: This has information regarding device and person who edited it last with date and time detail.

•       Device name: It’s a mandatory field and the user can change the device name 

•       Number of channels: For CT100 its one and for other devices, there are 4 channels

•       Network Id: its fixed for devices and provided in a sticker, it is written when the device is getting registered

Network: User can select any network which user want from the dropdown list