Conduit is a service running on the AlphaX system that allows simple import and export of data feeds. The conduit service allows users to retrieve data in JSON format by simple GET request from a webpage. See below for example usage.

Conduit Endpoint Location:
Conduit Parameters:

token: The unique security token for each user. This is available from the User window in AlphaX.
id: The network ID that is used to register and track device in the AlphaX system.
ch: The individual channel ID that is assigned within the AlphaX system.
limit: The total number of records that should be retrieved from the system.
fcdt: From Created Date Time, the starting range timestamp.
tcdt: To Created Date Time, the ending range timestamp.

Returns JSON. Example:
"data": {

Depending on the device configuration the "data" field will contain different fields such as: "

brgs", "mech", "lowf", "lat", "lng", "msgID", "volt", "oall", etc.

Example Usage:

Returns latest 50 data values for Device: 21xxx42xx37x

Returns all data values from date 1539792000 to 1539840604 for all devices the user has site access to.

Returns latest 100 data values for each device the user has site access to.